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Be it in Santorini or Mount.Olympus, in the pristine gorges of Crete or Epirus, in the stone villages of the Peloponnese and other places, we design guided or self-guided tourshiking - walking holidaysfamily trips and much more, tailored to your needs and wishes. Beauty, peace, exhilaration – only a few of the many words that try to capture the atmosphere of Meteora! A magnificent World Heritage Site available for exploration.

Enjoy unparalleled breathtaking views that you will remember forever

The majority of Greece is mountainous and, in many ways, a hikers’ paradise. The most popular routes are well walked and maintained; however, the EOS (Greek Alpine Club) is grossly underfunded and consequently many of the lesser-known paths are overgrown and inadequately marked. The Louisos Gorge and the Mani, both in the Peloponnese, are two of the best places in Greece to explore on foot, while hiking on the islands is also particularly rewarding. On small islands you will encounter a variety of paths, including kalderimia, which are cobbled or flagstone paths that have linked settlements since Byzantine times. Other paths include shepherds’ trails (monopatia) that link settlements with sheepfolds or link remote settlements via rough unmarked trails.


Hiking tours in Greece & Peloponnese

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TIP: What not to miss: Hotel-Archontiko Kalezioti

– Kapsia village, Vytina Peloponnese

Your activity map to Peloponnese : Wellness &spa ,ski resort, Horse riding,visit to kapsia cave, ATV 4X4, mountain bike, trekking 3 or  4 km, Visit to museum of Tegea, visit to cheece factory, winnery, beekeeping

TIP: What not to miss: Nymfasia Arcadia Resort

– village of Vytina Arcadia Peloponnese

Your activity map to Arcadia Peloponnese : Wellness &spa ,ski resort, Horse riding, ATV 4X4, mountain bike, trekking 3 or  4 km, Visit to museum of Tegea, visit to cheece factory, winnery, beekeeping

Zagorohoria is one of Northern Greece's most attractive and mysterious regions and a real must-explore, with 46 traditional stone-and-slate villages, tucked into the Pindos range.

Each village has its own character, but all are tranquil and beautiful – romantic Dilofo has only a handful of inhabitants and an uncanny silence, and the region's loveliest restaurant; the charming and rugged Monodendri is the most popular, while Kato PedinaAno Pedina and Aristi are the outdoor activities hubs. The Papingo villages are reached by precipitous mountain roads, while traditional Kipi is slightly livelier.

TIP: What not to miss: Name of the Hotel : DOBRA

– village: Asprageloi , Zagorochoria

Your activity map to Zagorochoria : If you like silence, quality hiking and nature, plus breathtaking mountain views at each turn, you'll never want to leave.

The Pelion Peninsula lies to the east and south of Volos. It's formed by a dramatic mountain range, where the highest peak is Mount Pliassidi (1651m). The largely inaccessible eastern flank consists of high cliffs that plunge into the sea. The gentler western flank coils around the Pagasitikos Gulf. The interior is a green wonderland where trees heavy with fruit vie with wild olive groves and forests of horse chestnut, oak, walnut, fir and beech to reach the light of day. The villages tucked away in this profuse foliage are characterised by whitewashed, half-timbered houses with overhanging balconies, grey slate roofs and old winding footpaths (monopati) and cobbled mule paths (kalderimi). In Greek mythology, the Pelion was the summer home of the 12 gods of Mount Olympus.

TIP: What not to miss: Name of the Hotels : Chania Hotel and Chania Palace

– village: Chania Pelion

Your activity map to Chania Pelion: beautiful mountain views and fresh air, snow, skiing, and spending time in nature. Sea kayak hire and tours of the Pelion coast are available at Damouhari on the north (Aegean) side of Pilio.

TIP: What not to miss: Name of the Hotels : Aglaida apartments and Iris Guesthouse

– village: Tsagarada Pelion

Your activity map to Tsagarada  Pelio: spending time in nature, while the summer vacationers enjoying the beautiful beaches of Pelion for swimming, water sports, hiking, mountain biking, etc.


Andros, the second-largest island of the Cyclades, has a long and proud seafaring tradition and, conversely, is a walker’s paradise. Its wild mountains are cleaved by fecund valleys with bubbling streams and ancient stone mills. A lush island, springs tend to be a feature of each village and waterfalls cascade down hillsides most of the year. It’s worth renting a car to get out to the footpaths, many of them stepped and cobbled, which will lead you through majestic landscapes and among wildflowers and archaeological remnants. The handsome main town of Hora, also known as Andros, is a ship-owners’ enclave packed with neoclassical mansions.

Explore Meteora on a gentle-paced hike, and discover the little-known trails that many day-trippers to the UNESCO World Heritage site don’t get to see. On a round-trip route from the Doupiani rock to the heady heights of Grand Meteora Monastery, pass some of the smaller rock monasteries such as Ypapanti and learn about Meteora’s intriguing rock formations and history.

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 From city of Halkida, it’s 31km to the picturesque mountain village of Steni, with its gurgling springs, and shady plane and chestnut trees. Steni is also the starting point for hikers tackling Mount  Dirfys. A twisting road continues from Steni to Paralia Hiliadou (Beach) on the north coast, where a grove of maple and chestnut trees borders a fine pebble-and-sand beach, along with a few domatia and taverna

TIP: What not to miss: Name of the Villas: The Marble Resort

– village: Drosia, Chalkida

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