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Hotel Don Constantino in Grevena Vasilitsa Greece-Hotel Management by Spyrou Philoxenia


At the foot of Valia Kalda, Pindos, at an altitude of 1170m. is the luxurious DonConstantino. With raw materials the wood and the stone, Don Constantino, dominates a fairytale on the beautiful slope where it is built. A place that ensures the privilege of a panoramic view that you will want to capture with your lens and remain indelible in your memory. Traditional architecture makes its presence felt, composing a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Both rooms and suites - also featuring a fireplace - are decorated with wooden furnishings that surround you in the breeze of the countryside. The unforgettable experiences continue at the hotel's bar-restaurant, with flavors from the famous, wild mushrooms, "Trufa", combined with Italian cuisine, as well as delicious fresh juices and delicious snacks. Then, escapes to the surrounding area and the ski center of Vasilitsa will give you unique pictures of relaxation, but also for the most daring, incredible moments of adrenaline.

 It's hard to separate Don Constantino's warmth and your return here is a matter of time.

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